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Vol 2. Issue 2 Fall/Winter 2016

Vol. 2 Issue 1 Spring/Summer 2016


Vol. I Issue 2 Fall/Winter 2015

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Annual Reports

2016 WNY PRISM Annual Report

2015 WNY PRISM Annual Report

2014 WNY PRISM Annual Report


Work Plans

2017 Annual Work Plan

2016 Annual Work Plan

2015 Annual Work Plan

2014 Annual Work Plan


Meeting Minutes

WNY PRISM holds regular Full Partnership Meetings, Working Group Meetings, and Steering Committee Meetings. Full Partnership Meetings and Working Group Meetings are open to the public and everyone is encouraged to attend. Information on upcoming meetings can be found in our events calendar.


Full Partnership Meetings

Spring Partner Meeting – NEW!

WNY PRISM’s 2017 Spring Partner Meeting was held on Thursday, April 6, 2017 at Tifft Nature Preserve. We discussed our upcoming field season, regional projects, collaboration opportunities, and provided updates from the other PRISMs and updates on statewide invasive species efforts. The Fall Partnership Meeting will be held on Thursday, October 5, 2017. More information to follow.


2017 Spring Partner Meeting Presentation – Andrea Locke, WNY PRISM Coordinator

Erie County Natural Habitat Parks – Buffalo River AOC – Erie County Habitat Restoration & Remedial Action Plan – Vicki Haas, Natural Habitat Parks Project Manager, Erie County Environment and Planning

Brachypodium sylvaticum Habitat Suitability Modeling – Jason Paeplow, SUNY Buffalo State, Great Lakes Ecosystem Sciences Program


Steering Committee Meetings

Steering Committee Minutes 6-15-2017

Steering Committee Minutes 2-9-2017




Full Partnership Meetings

Fall Partner Meeting

Meeting Summary:  Fall Partner Meeting 11-17-2016


WNY PRISM 2016 Partner Meeting – Andrea Locke, WNY PRISM Coordinator

Using eDNA to Detect and Monitor Invasive Species in New York State  – Dr. Rodam Getchell, Assistant Research Professor

European Black Alder Removal, Buckhorn Island State Park – Meg Janis, Natural Resource Stewardship Biologist


Spring Partner Meeting

Meeting Summary: Spring Partner Meeting 4-28-2016


NYS IS Coordination Section – Cathy McGlynn, Willow Eyres, & Megan Phillips

Use of Drones for IS Monitoring – Dr. Chris Pennuto


Steering Committee Meetings

Steering Committee Minutes 1-28-2016

Steering Committee Minutes 8-4-2016

Steering Committee Minutes 10-20-2016



Full Partnership Meetings

Full Partnership Meeting Summary 11-19-2015

Full Partnership Meeting Summary 5-28-2015

Steering Committee Meetings

Steering Committee Minutes 9-24-2015

Steering Committee Minutes 7-30-2015

Steering Committee Minutes 3-26-2015

Steering Committee Minutes 1-29-2015



Full Partnership Meetings

Full Partnership Meeting Summary 6-5-2014

Full Partnership Meeting Summary 12-4-2014

Steering Committee Meetings

Steering Committee Minutes 1-30-2014

Steering Committee Minutes 3-27-2014

Steering Committee Minutes 7-31-2014

Steering Committee Minutes 10-2-2014


WNY PRISM Strategic Plan (2014 – 2018):  WNY PRISM Strategic Plan 2014 – 2018 FINAL  

WNY PRISM Operational Guidelines:  WNY PRISM Operational Guidelines – FINAL