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WNY PRISM works on many exciting projects throughout the region and beyond! Learn more about how WNY PRISM is increasing invasive species awareness and improving management by taking a look at these great projects.


Great Lakes Slender False Brome Working Group

Slender false brome (Brachypodium sylvaticum) is an invasive species of grass that has recently established within the WNY PRISM region and Great Lakes Basin. This species has demonstrated the ability to establish quickly and form dense populations, to the near complete exclusion of native species, making it a top priority. The Great Lakes Slender False Brome Working Group was created to improve the understanding and management of B. sylvaticum by bringing together a dedicated group of partners and stakeholders. WNY PRISM is currently conducting field surveys to determine the presence and distribution of this species across the region, and is conducting research to identify best management practices.