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WNY PRISM works in partnership with organizations, state and federal agencies, municipalities, businesses, universities and community members. Without these relationships the important work of addressing invasive species priorities could not be achieved.


The Importance of Collaboration

The environmental, economic and human health impacts of invasive species affect everyone, sometimes in unexpected ways.

Invasive species cross boundaries – they don’t stop at property lines or political borders; they spread readily through multiple Pathways of Invasion.

The economic cost of invasive species continues to increase and includes both the cost of management and the economic loss due to invasive species impacts. Current estimates are as high as $400 billion annually for North America and the longer we wait, the higher that cost will get.

Working together by pooling resources and sharing expertise is the best way to improve control efforts. Together we can improve the success of management, reduce the negative impacts of invasive species and reduce the cost and economic harm.


Become a Partner

WNY PRISM has worked with nearly 200 partners across the region, each with different levels of involvement and collaboration. Every partner has different interests and goals and all you need to do is reach out to learn how we can work together. The easiest way to get started is to attend one of our partner meetings. Partner Meetings are held twice a year, in the spring (April) and fall (October).