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Priority Invasives

WNY PRISM Species Priorities were established in 2015. The Early Detection Priorities were updated, and Watchlist Priorities created, in Fall 2018.

WNY PRISM developed regional priorities through our Terrestrial Working Group and Aquatic Working Group. Working Groups communicate through in-person meetings and email. If you are interested in being part of our Working Groups, please contact Andrea Locke, WNY PRISM Coordinator at [email protected]

Terrestrial Priorities

1. Adelges tsugae Hemlock Woolly Adelgid
2. Agrilus planipennis Emerald Ash Borer
3.Cirsium arvense Canada Thistle
4. Cynanchum louiseaeBlack Swallow-wort
5. Cynanchum rossicumPale Swallow-wort
6. Lonicera spp.Bush Honeysuckles
7. Phalaris arundinaceaReed Canarygrass
8. Phragmites australisPhragmites/Common Reed
9. Reynoutria spp.Knotweeds
10. Rhamnus catharticaCommon Buckthorn

Aquatic Priorities

1. Corbicula flumineaAsian Clam
2. Hemimysis anomalaBloody Red Shrimp
3. Hydrilla verticillataHydrilla
4. Hydrocharis morus-ranaeEuropean Frog-bit
5. Orconectes rusticusRusty Crayfish
6. Scardinius erythrophthalmusRudd
7. Trapa natansWater Chestnut

Early Detection Priorities

1. Aralia elataJapanese Angelica Tree
2. Brachypodium sylvaticumSlender False Brome
3. Eichhornia crassipesWater Hyacinth
4. Microstegium vimineumJapanese Stiltgrass
5. Persicaria perfoliataMile-a-Minute Vine
6. Pistia stratiotesWater Lettuce

Watchlist/Approaching Region Priorities

1. Aldrovanda vesiculosaWaterwheel
2. Ampelopsis brevipedunculataPorcelain Berry
3.Anoplophora glabripennisAsian Longhorned Beetle
4. Channa argusNorthern Snakehead
5. Hypophthalmichthys molitrixSilver Carp
6. Hypophthalmichthys nobilisBighead Carp
7. Impatiens glanduliferaHimalayan Balsam
8. Lycorma delicatulaSpotted Lanternfly
9. Nymphoides peltataYellow Floating Heart
10. Oplismenus undulatifoliusWavyleaf Basket Grass

The New York State Invasive Species Program has also developed a tiered ranking system for invasive species, to provide management and prioritization assistance. WNY PRISM has currently ranked 75 species and will continue to work through the process of ranking of additional species.

NYS Invasive Species Tiers – Chart

WNY PRISM Tier Rankings