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Species Distribution

Slender false brome is native to Eurasia and North Africa but has been found outside of its native range in the United States and Canada. It was initially introduced in Oregon near Eugene and then spread throughout the Corvallis-Albany area. In the west, populations also exist in California, Washington and British Columbia. There have been reports of this species in Colorado and Utah, but these are unconfirmed. In the east, populations have been reported in Virginia, Michigan, New York and Ontario. More information on the native and introduced range of this species can be found through the Centere for Agriculture and Bioscience International.

The Great Lakes Slender False Brome Working Group has focused its efforts on determining the presence and distribution of this species in the Great Lakes Basin of New York State, with partners studying this grass in other regions of the state as well. The major areas this species has been found in New York are Bergen Swamp, Genesee County Park and Forest, Letchworth State Park, Tompkins County including Taughannock Falls State Park and Danby State Forest along the Finger Lakes Trail, Syracuse and Wappinger’s Falls. Details on the distribution of this species, and many other invasive species, can be found on the iMapInvasives website.

If you believe you have found an infestation of slender false brome, please follow our Early Detection Reporting Protocol.

Distribution of slender false brome in North America (as of August 2019)
Distribution of slender false brome in New York State (as of August 2019)
Areas surveyed by the Great Lakes Slender False Brome Working Group (as of September 2019)

KMZ files of slender false brome distribution and survey efforts are available to view in Google Earth.