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Slender False Brome

Slender False Brome (Brachypodium sylvaticum). Photo Credit: WNY PRISM

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Common Name: Slender false brome
Scientific Name: Brachypodium sylvaticum
Origin: North Africa and Eurasia


Slender false brome is a perennial grass that grows in dense clumps. This species has long, drooping, bright green leaves 5-12 mm wide, which can be covered in long, sparse hairs or may be hairless. Its flowering stalks grow up to 2 ft. high with drooping inflorescences. The flowers bloom and form seed between June and September.


Slender false brome can grow in forest understories, open meadows, riparian sites and forest edges. It is often found along hiking and deer trails, as well as transportation corridors.


Slender false brome produces plentiful seeds which can easily spread on mowers, vehicles, hiking equipment, footwear and by deer. It quickly forms dense, single-species colonies which outcompete other vegetation. This plant is not palatable to wildlife or livestock.


Spread prevention and containment efforts, which include cleaning off footwear, hiking gear and vehicles after entering infested areas, are important. Mowing and herbicide treatments are common control methods for this plant. Mowing year after year can exhaust the seed bank, but may need to be combined with other management methods to achieve full control. Manual removal (hand pulling, digging) is recommended only for small patches, and should be done during the spring (prior to flowering).

Regional Distribution

Locally Common

Slender false-brome is know from only a few locations in WNY PRISM. In addition, populations have been identified in the Ithaca and Syracuse areas within FL-PRISM, as well as small/isolated populations within LH PRISM.

WNY PRISM Priority

Early Detection Priority Species

Tier 2 – Eradication

NYS Invasive Species Tiers Chart  – Tier Definitions


It is unclear at this time how B. sylvaticum was introduced to the region, however it does appear to spread primarily by seed. Seed is transported by mowers and vehicles, and on hiking equipment/boots, as well as by deer.


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Slender false brome is a prohibited species in New York State – for more information on Prohibited and Regulated Species, visit