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Prioritization takes place on many levels, but with invasive species management projects it is most often species or site based. Species-based prioritization identifies which species pose the greatest threat while also having effective management options available, placing them at higher priorities. This often results in multiple, single species management efforts. Site-based prioritization looks at conservation targets such as species of concern or unique plant communities. This often results in a project that includes multiple target species within a well-defined area.

Priority Species

WNY PRISM invasive species priority lists were developed by our Terrestrial and Aquatic Working Groups. Over the years the prioritization process has changed, but the involvement of partners in the effort remains the same.

Working Groups communicate through in-person meetings, conference calls/webinars and email. If you are interested in being part of our Working Groups, please contact Andrea Locke, WNY PRISM Coordinator at lockeas@buffalostate.edu.

Invasive Species Prioritization Tiers

The New York State Invasive Species Program has developed a tiered ranking system for invasive species, to provide management and prioritization assistance. WNY PRISM completed a review of species rankings in March 2021 and has developed new or updated rankings for 146 species (available here). WNY PRISM will continue to work through the process of updating existing tier rankings and ranking additional species as new information becomes available.

NYS Invasive Species Tiered Ranking Chart

In addition to tier rankings, WNY PRISM maintains approaching region/watchlist (Tier 1) and early detection (Tier 2) priority species lists, to further assist with prioritizing management efforts.