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Invasive species surveys can be used to survey for early detection species. WNY PRISM’s invasive species survey protocol has been developed to increase and improve invasive species presence and distribution data throughout western New York. The information provided could be used to guide education and outreach initiatives, future survey efforts, management decisions and much more. The protocol describes specific data to collect about invasive species. The protocol is accompanied by a Field Observation Form which can be printed out and used to collect information in the field. A Field Observation Form Instruction Sheet has been created to demonstrate how to complete the data sheet.

Invasive Species Survey Protocol

Field Observation Form

Field Observation Form Instruction Sheet

Slender false brome (Brachypodium sylvaticum) at Drew's Nature Preserve, 2018. This species is often found along deer trails, as pictured. Photo Credit: WNY PRISM.


WNY PRISM’s Early Detection Assessment Form has been developed to help improve regional response efforts and may be used to describe infestations of Tier 1 or Tier 2 species throughout the WNY PRISM region. Tier 1 invasive species are those that have not previously been detected in the region, while Tier 2 species are those present, but not yet common or widespread. These species are a high priority for treatment and removal, with a management goal of eradication. Information on invasive species tiers and WNY PRISM priority species can be found here.

The protocol describes how to collect data necessary for determining Best Management Practices. The Early Detection Assessment Form can be printed out and used for data collection in the field and is coupled with an example data sheet that has been completed to demonstrate how to fill out the sheet. A Survey123 program is also available to use for assessments on a smartphone or tablet, please e-mail Brittany Hernon at hernonba@buffalostate.edu for access to this program.

Early Detection Assessment Protocol

Early Detection Assessment Form

Early Detection Assessment Form Instruction Sheet