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WNY PRISM is hosted by the Great Lakes Center at SUNY Buffalo State University.



Great Lakes Center, SAMC 319
SUNY Buffalo State
1300 Elmwood Ave., Buffalo, NY 14222

(716) 878.4708


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The Great Lakes Center (GLC) is an institute of researchers and educators at SUNY Buffalo State University dedicated to investigating the ecology of the Great Lakes and their tributaries. Many of our staff are full time research scientists or technicians while two are also professors with the Biology department. In addition to lab facilities on the main campus, the GLC also has a field station on the waterfront and a fleet of boats to conduct field studies. The center offers Master of Arts and Master of Science degrees in Great Lakes Environmental Science.

Great Lakes Center Staff. Photo Credit: Great Lakes Center


The Great Lakes Center’s mission is to improve the quality of the environment by providing the best possible science to decision-makers concerned with the health and sustainability of resources, with a primary focus within the Great Lakes and their watersheds. This is accomplished through high quality research, informed and current graduate and undergraduate education, and dissemination of information to the public through outreach.

The Center is committed to improving human-environment interactions in the Great Lakes ecosystem guided, in part, by an understanding of the evolutionary and ecological processes and patterns acting on the system.

Although the main focus of the research in the Great Lakes Center concentrates on the Great Lakes basin, national and international projects are also considered of high priority as they expose our scientists to the cutting edge of modern science, facilitate collaboration and greatly increase visibility to the center’s activity in the scientific community.

To learn more about the Great Lakes Center, visit https://greatlakescenter.buffalostate.edu/.