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Getting involved with invasive species management and removal projects is easy!



Great Lakes Center, SAMC 319
SUNY Buffalo State
1300 Elmwood Ave., Buffalo, NY 14222

(716) 878.4708


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How To Get Involved

  • Remove invasive species from your property
  • Volunteer! Our Partners are always looking for volunteers to help with removal projects
  • Plant native or non-invasive species in your landscaping
  • Stop the spread! Implement prevention measures such as cleaning off mowers and boats
  • Learn about invasive species and Best Management Practices
  • Spread the word about invasive species

For more information on invasive species removal efforts and ways you can become involved, see our Events Calendar and Volunteer Page.

For more information on Best Management Practices, how to remove invasive species from your property and/or develop management plans and priorities, see our Best Management Practices and our Invasive Species Profiles.

Water chestnut removal at Jamestown Audubon, July 2014, Pictured Angela Driscoll, 2014 WNY PRISM Stewardship Assistant. photo credit: WNY PRISM

The Invasion Curve

The best and most effective method to control invasive species is to prevent their initial establishment. As an invasive species increases its population numbers and extent, it gets progressively more difficult and expensive to eliminate or control. Unfortunately, as numbers rise, the chance of eliminating the species decreases, and at some point, elimination of the invasive species becomes unlikely.

The Invasion Curve. Image from USDA Forest Service 2005 Invasive Plant Environmental Impact Statement.