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The WNY PRISM Mission is to proactively identify, evaluate, and address invasive species priorities in western New York using a coordinated partnership of local professionals, organizations, and community members to improve, restore, and protect local aquatic and terrestrial resources.



Great Lakes Center, SAMC 319
SUNY Buffalo State
1300 Elmwood Ave., Buffalo, NY 14222

(716) 878.4708


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Core Functions:

Partner/Network Coordination:

Effectively coordinate the WNY PRISM partner network and strengthen relationships to the benefit of all those impacted by invasive species and those involved with invasive species management.

Information Management:

Establish WNY PRISM as the leading resource for invasive species management information and strategic planning. Ensure information is current, accurate, regionally appropriate and easy to access, and provide opportunities for improved data collection and partner collaboration.

Education and Outreach:

Increase public and partner awareness, understanding and participation in meaningful and effective invasive species management activities.


Prevent the introduction of invasive species to the WNY PRISM region, limit the spread of invasive species within the region and limit the movement of invasive species established in WNY PRISM to other regions.

Early Detection & Rapid Response:

Develop an effective early detection program and associated protocols that provide for reporting, assessment and response efforts.

Management and Habitat Restoration:

Assist with management planning and project implementation focused on long-term sustainable projects that provide resilience against future invasions and provide improved ecosystem function and services. Supported efforts will be based on WNY PRISM identified priorities through primarily technical assistance and training with project implementation assistance when capacity allows.

For more information on WNY PRISM Core Functions, see our strategic plan and annual work plans.