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Take the Pledge to Protect Your Lands, Trees and Waters

Invasive species cause significant harm to our lands and waters, and too often by the time widespread awareness of individual species forms, the available resources needed to address those species is not enough. Preventing the establishment and spread of invasive species is an effective strategy for addressing them before they become too widespread. To do this, we need your help!

You can pledge to protect your lands, trees and waters by making a commitment to take simple steps that will stop the spread and introduction of invasive species. Designed around familiar campaigns including Clean. Drain, Dry. and Don’t Move Firewood, WNY PRISM’s Pledge to Protect Campaign makes it easy for community members to turn simple actions into habits that will protect our local terrestrial and aquatic resources.

When you pledge to protect your waters, you are committing to cleaning off all visible mud, animals and plant material from your boats and other equipment, draining your motor, bilge and livewells, drying everything for at least five days or wiping it dry with a towel, and disposing of unwanted bait and fish in the trash.

When you pledge to protect your trees, you are committing to burning firewood where you buy it, gathering wood on site (where permitted), and leaving leftover firewood at your campsite.

When you pledge to protect your lands and commit to planting only native and non-invasive species, you Know Before You Grow.

When you pledge to protect your lands and commit to cleaning off your footwear and other clothing, gear and vehicles before and after recreating, you Play. Clean. Go.

Not sure what pledge is right for you?

Over 411 people have already pledged to protect their lands and waters by signing a commitment banner. Stop by any of our upcoming events to sign the banner and take the pledge for yourself!