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Asian Longhorned Beetle

Photo by Kenneth R. Law, USDA APHIS PPQ,

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Common Name: Asian longhorned beetle (ALB)
Scientific Name: Anoplophora glabripennis
Origin: Asia


ALB has a glossy black body with white spots, and adults are 3/4″ to 1″ long. Antennae are roughly 2 times the length of the body and have distinctive black and white bands. Their legs and antennae often have a bluish tinge. Adults are present from July to October.


ALB attacks hardwood trees including maple, birch, horsechestnut, ash, and more, and can survive throughout North America.


Adults feed on leaves and twigs; while larvae feed directly on critical bark layers. Repeated attacks lead to die-back of the tree crown and eventually death.


Management includes quarantines in infested areas, cutting, chipping, burning and ongoing research on insecticides. Prevention includes shipping restrictions and extensive surveys for early detection. Education about using local firewood is also key.

Please report all suspected infestations/observations directly to the DEC. If you think you have ALB, take a picture and email it to DEC ( or call 1-866-702-9938. Keep the suspect beetle in a container in your freezer in case it is ALB. It may need to be sent to a lab for confirmation.


Large, round exit holes (3/8″ to 3/4″ in diameter), presence of frass (sawdust accumulation) and yellowing leaves.

Regional Distribution

Approaching Region

ALB was first discovered in Brooklyn in 1996. Since then, populations of ALB have been contained or eradicated.

WNY PRISM Priority

Tier 1 – Raise Awareness

Invasive Species Priorities – Tier Chart


ALB was introduced to New York via infested wood shipping pallets. The insect is primarily spread through moving infested firewood and other wood products.

Asian longhorn beetle is a prohibited species in New York State – for more information on Prohibited and Regulated Species, visit

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