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We are less than a month away from New York State’s 2nd Annual Invasive Species Awareness Week (ISAW), July 12 – 18!  This year’s theme is Planting Native Alternative to Invasive Plants, but don’t let this limit the type of events you are planning. We are looking for any events (volunteer workdays, trainings, outreach) that raise awareness about invasive species issues and management, as well as those that result in direct action such as removal projects and mapping. Check out the Statewide ISAW site here: http://www.nyis.info/blog/

Will you help us make ISAW a bigger success than last year?  Please schedule your events by July 1st if possible, so that we can help raise awareness about your events.

Instructions for event organizers:

Send your event description to your PRISM Coordinator: (if you are scheduling multiple events, you may be able to request your own log-in to enter your event information on nys.info/blog. Check with your PRISM Coordinator).

  • Put “NYISAW Event Submission” in the subject of your email and include the following information
  • Event Title
  • Event Description, RSVP if requested, who to contact for more information, and any other relevant information
  • Event Date and Start Time/End Time
  • Event Location, Address, including Town/City and Zip Code

At your event, you will be asked to read an opening statement – your PRISM Coordinator will provide this for you prior to ISAW

If you’re doing a Powerpoint presentation, your PRISM Coordinator will provide you with an opening slide prior to ISAW

Lastly, help us track success!

  • Keep track of and report the number of attendees to the event.
  • If you are surveying and mapping, record the acres or miles surveyed and number of infestations mapped.
  • If you are having an invasive plant control event, record the number of bags pulled or number of acres managed.
  • Take photos of your event.
  • After your event, send info to your PRISM Coordinator.

Check our Events Calendar and the NYS Invasive Species Awareness Week website for more information on events that have already been planned.