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WNY PRISM is hiring for its Watercraft Inspection Boat Steward Program! We are currently accepting applications for Boat Stewards/Environmental Educators (17) and Lead Stewards (2). Job sites will be located throughout the WNY PRISM region.

Please see full job descriptions and apply online at: https://www.rfhiring.com/jobs.asp

The WNY PRISM Boat Stewards/Environmental Educators will interact daily with the public at boat launches. Boat Stewards will perform voluntary boat inspections to remove visible aquatic plants and animals from all types of watercraft. Removal of aquatic plants and animals will help to prevent the transport and spread of aquatic invasive species. Boat Stewards will also be responsible for public education and distribution of educational materials. Boat Stewards may have the opportunity to assist with invasive species removal projects. Projects may include early detection/rapid response efforts, or control projects to reduce established populations of both aquatic and terrestrial invasive species. Boat Stewards will be assigned to a single, primary launch, however there is the potential for coverage needs to require occasional travel to other launches (see map below for a list of potential launches). Stewards will receive a mandatory two-day training prior to beginning work at their assigned sites.

In addition to the Boat Steward/Environmental Educator qualifications listed above, the WNY PRISM Lead Boat Stewards will assist the Program Manager with training, scheduling and Boat Steward supervision for the Watercraft Inspection Stewardship Program.

Positions are full-time, temporary (40 hours/week) with an expected time frame of mid-May – early September (Memorial Day – Labor Day). Boat Stewards will be required to attend a two-day mandatory training May 24 -25, 2021. The standard work week will be comprised of 4, 10-hour days, Thursday – Sunday, 7:00 – 5:30. The deadline for applications is Friday, March 12, 2021. Questions can be directed to Nicole Smeenk, Aquatic Invasive Species Program Manager at smeenknm@buffalostate.edu.

When submitting your application, please list which of the above launches you’d like to be considered for.